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Behavioral leverage for Exponential Impact

Are you tired of complicated leadership and communication training that feels too general, unnatural, or fake?

We have an easier way. Learn to leverage the human physiological operating system — the Afferent Quotient™ — to reach goals faster and with less cognitive load.

learn how to:

Gain commitment not compliance

Talk the way people listen

Accelerate collaboration

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Achieve better outcomes, faster
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Our methodology

Most training focuses on willpower. We focus on instincts that drive behavior.

Our clients’ situations are complex and far too intricate for an off-the-shelf approach, so we source specialized expertise and do the hard work of customization. We cater to individual natural styles and any organizational nuance. Our approach is unique, physiological, customized, and sometimes uncomfortable, leading to true behavior leverage—and successful results.



Every engagement begins with an in-depth analysis of the specific situation, people and goals.



We develop a fully customized behavioral program designed to get to the desired outcomes, faster.



Online or in-person, we provide live learning events and supporting tools for immediate and lasting impact.



We provide behavioral reminders with small actions to ensure a continual uptick in results.


Drive attendee engagement and commitment with a refreshingly interactive experience.

Conference attendees will laugh, cry, connect with each other—and what they learn will stick with them for the long run.

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I went in expecting standard run of the mill “theory” and “tools” to incrementally improve my abilities. What I received is a spelunking into my operating system and an understanding of just why standard tools do not work for the way I am wired. The result was immediate and long-lasting.”
—T. Serres, Founder

Discover the easier way.