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Swayed Book Cover

Swayed: How to Communicate for Impact

By Christina Harbridge

A must read for anyone serious about the positive power of persuasion. The ability to sway others gives people the power to set new realities into motion. Yet most people could use some work on their communication behaviors in order to increase their long-term ability to influence the people around them. Swayed helps decode the intricate system of influence that relies on mutual attention and understanding.

“I’ve been waiting for this book for years! I am so inspired by Christina’s ability to inspire people to act and, more important, her ability to teach others how to do the same. Now we can all learn what she’s mastered for years—how to sway people and inspire them to move forward.” —Simon Sinek, Optimist and author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last
Your Professionalism is Killing You Cover

Your Professionalism is Killing You: How to be a Better Communicator by Being Yourself

By Christina Harbridge

In order to change a mind, sell a product or change the world we must first be HEARD. Audiences (one-on-one and platform) demand a new style of communication to maintain their attention. Read about it here. Inside the covers of this book are thoughts meant to inspire you to raise your fist, adamantly shout, or hollar a two-hands-up rollercoaster like whoo hoo! Harness the new relationship economy, and you will be heard and remembered.

Start With WHY Cover

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

By Simon Sinek

START WITH WHY asks (and answers) the questions: why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? Even among the successful, why are so few able to repeat their success over and over?

The Empathy Edge Cover

The Empathy Edge

By Maria Ross

Being empathetic at work means seeing the situation from another’s perspective, and using that vantage point to shape your leadership style, workplace culture, and branding strategy. Pairing her knowledge as a branding expert with proven research and fascinating stories from executives, change-makers and community leaders, Maria Ross reveals exactly how empathy makes brands and organizations stronger and more successful.

Plan D Lessons Cover

Plan D: Lessons from the World’s Most Successful Disruptors

By Mike Maddock

The author of the best-seller Free the Idea Monkey and the cult classic Flirting with the Uninterested, has created an entrepreneurial roadmap showing us how to become, manage or optimize the Disruptors, the people like Elon Musk and Sheryl Sandberg who repeatedly change the world. It is candid, funny, practical—and powerful.

Launching While Female Cover

Launching While Female: Smashing the System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back

By Susanne Althoff

Journalist and professor Susanne Althoff investigates the obstacles women and nonbinary entrepreneurs—especially those of color—face when launching, funding, and growing their companies, obstacles that persist because the current start-up world was engineered by and for white men.

Dad Gloves: Sharing Gratitude, Loving Memories, and Best Practices of a Suburban Dad

Dad Gloves: Sharing Gratitude, Loving Memories, and Best Practices of a Suburban Dad

By Ernst Wachsmuth

Dad Gloves is a testament to what happens when you live a life dedicated to joy and human connection. How selflessness can bring stunning support, generosity, and kindness back to you when you need it most.